BIS #7026 Group Bonding and Growing Along the WAY

By Ms Rhea Serrao for BISMumbai

On 16 August 2023, 45 youngsters from The WAY (Wadala Association of Youth,), the youth group of Our Lady of Dolours, Wadala, along with the animators accompanied by Fr Blaise Fernandes, trekked into the Andharban forests, in the Mulshi region of Maharashtra, near Pune. The trek exposed the youth to diverse, picturesque landscapes while also providing a great opportunity to bond as a group.

The day had been perfectly divided with times for fun and frolic: be it during the DJ Nite on the bus or when standing amazed under the majestic waterfall. Then came times of group activities with a proper briefing, times of team building when supporting and motivating one another during the tricky patches, and finally, time for personal reflection and growth when at the lunch table or on the return journey. 

As with the treks usually led by Mr Macklin Lacerda, this one too focused on the ‘Experience’ and the lessons that could be learned along the way. Mr Lacerda has been an ace trek leader and organiser, having about 20 years of experience with his trekking outfit, ‘Into The Wild’. As a youth group member, Mr Mahlon Texeira, put it, “The trek itself was amazing and helped us all learn to take responsibility for the group. We also finally got to bond as a unit and get to know each other well. The scenic beauty of Andharban was straight out of a Disney movie. Even though we were all tired in the end, it was worth it because we got to experience and be a part of nature in such a magnificent way.”

The trek not only provided an escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life but also offered the youth an opportunity to bond with nature and forge lasting friendships within the group. The memories of this adventure will undoubtedly linger in the hearts and minds of all the youth members for years to come, inspiring them to take bolder steps, work as one, and aim higher. This day spent in the lap of nature helped everyone discover the best versions of themselves.