BIS #6524 Don Bosco Kapadvanj Children's Day

by Father Ashwin Macwan for BISMumbai

Children’s Day was celebrated with gaiety and fervour at Don Bosco Kapadvanj on Sunday 14 November. It was a fun-filled day for the children. The campus of Don Bosco, Kapadvanj became vibrant and vivacious when the children of the immediate neighbourhood arrived. The day began with a prayer and lighting of the lamp by few children on the stage. Father Ashwin Macwan sdb garlanded the statue of Don Bosco and declared the Children’s Day open.

The children enjoyed themselves by playing games, dancing to the tune of the ‘timli’ and the delicious food served by the volunteers of the institute. Innovative and children friendly games enabled them to win a variety of prizes. In addition, a magic show by Father Macwan, taught the children not to believe in societal superstitions.

Father Macwan in his vote of thanks, expressed his gratitude to the Salesian community, staff and boys for organizing this Children’s Day. Each child was given a stationery box, as appreciation.