BIS #6952 It's Welcome and Farewell at DB Nashik

By Fr Rudolf D’Souza for BISMumbai

On 20 June 2023, the students, staff and Management of Don Bosco School, Nashik, came together to seek blessings and inspiration from the Lord for the journey ahead. The solemn occasion also provided an opportunity to bid a heartfelt farewell to Mr Francis Pandit, who retired after an exceptional 24 years of dedicated service as a peon. The event, held in the school hall, was filled with a sense of gratitude, reflection, and anticipation for the new chapter that awaited.

The prayer service, a cherished tradition at Don Bosco’s, commenced with the entire school community gathering in reverence to seek divine guidance and invoke blessings for a successful academic year. Led by two school students, the prayers echoed through the hall, creating an atmosphere of serenity and hope.

The Principal, Fr Cedric Sankul, welcomed the new members of the Management - Frs Felix Fernandes, Evangelo D’souza and Rudolf D’souza. He also personally welcomed new students and staff of the School. Amidst the solemn proceedings, the Rector, Fr Royal D’Abreo, also took to the stage to address the students. His words resonated deeply, emphasising the significance of revision as a key ingredient for academic success. He stressed the importance of reviewing past lessons, building a strong foundation, and embracing a growth mindset to achieve their fullest potential. 

Thereafter, a poignant farewell address was delivered in honour of Mr Pandit. During the address, a fellow domestic staff member, Mr Rajesh Waghmare, spoke passionately about Mr Pandit's unwavering commitment to his work and his genuine care for everyone he encountered. He recounted heartwarming anecdotes that reflected his initiative, dedication, and unwavering spirit. Mr Waghmare highlighted the profound impact Mr Pandit had made on the school community and expressed gratitude for his remarkable service.

In his emotional response, Mr Pandit expressed gratitude to the  Management, staff, and students for the opportunity to serve the school and the bonds he had forged over the years. He reminisced about the memories shared with the students and staff, acknowledging the profound impact they had had on his life. 

As the prayer service concluded, the event served as a poignant reminder of the importance of faith, unity, and gratitude in shaping a nurturing and inclusive educational environment.

On this momentous day, Don Bosco High School, Nashik, stands poised on the threshold of a new chapter, fortified by the prayers, reflection, and appreciation shared in the prayer service and with the cherished memories of Mr Francis Pandit's selfless service etched in their hearts. As the academic year unfolds, the school community remains united in its commitment to the educational spirit of Don Bosco.