BIS #6553 Amrutdhara Don Bosco 'Purv no Prakash 2021' Christmas audio album

by Fr Mayank Parmar for BISMumbai

Amrutdhara Don Bosco Animation Centre-Kapadwanj released a Christmas audio album consisting of 8 Gujarati Bhajans with a run-time of 47 minutes, titled Purv no Prakash [Light of the East].

The lyrics are by Joseph Y. Macwan a veteran musician and composer. These bhajans have been sung in bhajan mandlis for many years led by Joseph Y. Macwan. But the audio album is newly composed, suited to attract the youth of today. Anand J. Macwan has given a youthful taste to these bhajan-lyrics. Shailesh Jadhav [keyboard] has scored the music, while Birju Upadhyay [tabla] has provided the rhythm, with Sashwat Mehta on the octa-pad. Mukesh Mac is the lead singer with Loma Darji, the female lead.

Rosary School Vadodara has congratulated the team, while Father Anthony Goyal says, "purva no prakash tamara jivan ne jagmagvi de." Hasmukh Christian remarks, "this album is really a great creation at this time. The music and lyrics are so simple that it just rings in our ears even as I engage in some other activities. I cannot but simply keep singing them."

Check it on Youtube Purv no Prakash 2021