BIS #7036 Exploring the Outer Space at DBHS Matunga

By Ms Pearl Lobo for BISMumbai

In a captivating follow-up to a session held on 7 August 2023, the Beyond Academics Team recently orchestrated an engaging event on Outer Space for Grade 2 students at Don Bosco High School, Matunga, on 23 August 2023. This dynamic event aimed to further enrich the young learners' understanding of the universe through a variety of immersive activities.

The event seamlessly blended different elements to capture the students' imagination. A compelling PowerPoint presentation served as a cosmic portal, offering fascinating facts, interactive quizzes, and insights into India's space feats, such as Chandrayaan 3 and Aditya 1. The introduction to India's space endeavours left an indelible mark on young minds, fostering a newfound sense of pride and awareness about ISRO's accomplishments.

Songs inspired by the cosmos added an enjoyable dimension to the event, aiding in the effective memorization of planetary information. The harmonious melodies breathed life into planetary knowledge, aiding students in grasping the unique characteristics of each planet. A poignant moment during the session was the enthralling tale of Dhruv Tara – the North Star – an enchanting narrative that artfully intertwined Indian mythology with astronomy. This connection between ancient stories and the cosmos conveyed messages of determination and accomplishment, resonating deeply with the young audience.

Under the guidance of their class educators, students engaged in artistic pursuits, crafting booklets to record their planetary insights. These keepsakes will serve as cherished reminders of their cosmic exploration.

Ms Vailena D’Souza, the session's lead teacher, noted the impeccable timing of the event in alignment with India's Chandrayaan 3 mission. This synchronicity sparked student curiosity, aligning classroom learning with real-world space exploration. The event not only deepened appreciation for space but also inspired belief in the boundless possibilities that exist beyond our planet.

Earlier in the month, on 7 August, the Beyond Academics Team conducted an immersive Outer Space session for Don Bosco Primary School students, aimed at sparking curiosity beyond the curriculum. Guided by Ms. Mary Fernandes, students engaged in creative tasks like crafting rockets and celestial bodies with the aim of fostering a deeper understanding of space. Multimedia tools enriched the experience, and Mrs Ranjana Bhandare noted the students' remarkable enthusiasm. The session fueled interest in extracurricular subjects and left an awe-inspiring impact, and the initiative's success has paved the way for future exploration as the class teachers plan follow-up sessions to amplify cosmic understanding and nurture young aspirations.

The event fostered a profound connection between students and the vast universe beyond Earth, blending knowledge enrichment, pride, and creative expression seamlessly.