BIS #6200 Don Bosco Waluj 'special' farmer sessions on 'subsidies & schemes'

by Father Richard Burkhao for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Waluj organized special sessions from 25-28 October 2020, for the farmers of Bhoyegaon, Pendapur and Puri villages of Gangapur Taluka, Aurangabad, to make them aware of Government entitlements and agricultural schemes

Officials from the Agriculture Department in each village. Shri K.B.Yadav [Bhoyegaon], Smt. Sheetal Khelkar [Pendapur] and Shri Joshi [Puri], encouraged the farmers to avail of 80% subsidy for drip irrigation, and Rs. 50,000 subsidy for setting up farm-ponds. In sugarcane cultivation, a group of 25 farmers was organized from Puri village to be helped with soil testing, seeds and subsequent caretaking. In wheat cultivation, 'Chandusha seeds'– a special hybrid variety, is to be made available to the farmers, if they opted for organic farming, as this wheat-variety fetches Rs. 5000/- per quintal in the wholesale market. In Pendapur village a group of farmers are to be selected by Don Bosco Waluj on a preferential basis by the Agriculture Department for the sowing of Harbara (White Chickpeas) through organic farming. Farming tools are to be provided with 50% subsidy and 75% to farmers of the SC category.

Don Bosco Waluj encouraged the local farmers to take advantage of these government subsidies and schemes for a better crop-yield. The response from the farmers, thus far, is encouraging.