by Father Mayank Parmar for BISMumbai

As COVID-19 and the 'new normal' has become part and parcel of everyone's life, Amrutdhara Don Bosco Animation Centre at Kapadvanj, invited the young people of Gujarat for a 'brainstorming session' to enable outreach to the maximum, through the 'youth-for-youth, by the youth and to the youth' initiative.

Father Mayank Parmar-Director Amrutdhara initiated proceedings on August 01 post-dinner. The young people were briefed with the vision and mission of Amrutdhara and of Studio Don Bosco Kapadvanj. Sharing of plans and ideas for an hour and a half, flowed into the next day, Sunday 02 August beginning with a 'youth mass' presided over by Father Ashwin Macwan Assistant Director Amrutdhara and Administrator Don Bosco Kapadvanj. After the Holy Eucharist, the meeting continued with discussion on projects in the pipeline - 100 Value Short Stories by Shailesh Christie and Biblical Characters by Jesuit Father Jimmy Dabhi. The daily Chintan Kanika and Sunday Gujarati Mass Animation was also discussed, and feedback was invited.

The young people suggested podcasts, instagram-friendly programmes, while one of the youth Krupesh Chauhan suggested presenting Christ differently with the catchphrase 'Crazy for Christ'. Others wanted animation programmes of only 30 seconds duration, which is the attention-retention span of young people today. ICYM Youth President Ahmedabad Keran said, "this is the 1st time we have come to a place where we are given a platform to share our ideas and given assurance that it will be implemented as much as possible." Deanery Youth Coordinator Sobhit Parmar said, "we are ready to launch out whatever we can with proper guidance. I assure you of making available my time and talent for Studio Don Bosco with immediate effect."