BIS #6349 Don Bosco Nerul prays for common healing

by Cleric Rohan D'Souza with Fr Barnabe D'Souza for BISMumbai

In the COVID-19 times, along with the frontline work, social outreach and innovative interventuions, Don Bosco Nerul is keenly focussed on yet another aspect - relying on God, invoking the grace and blessing of the Divine. Don Bosco Nerul thus started a 'prayer group' consisting of 20 like-minded people in April 2021. As of date, over 60 participants pray for various intentions, especially for healing.

The 'prayer group' participants dedicate an hour for healing-prayer. As people share their prayer-intentions, varying from those in need of medicines, those who are critical, those who have lost their loved ones and those who are recovering, the 'prayer group' lifts all these people and thier intentions invoking Divine intervention. In a particular manner, frontline medical-healthcare providers who tirelessly work to bring healing and joy to many lives, are prayed for. The 'prayer group' also shares some of the healing-experiences, as it sustains hope in the hearts of all. The 'prayer group' is animated by Don Bosco Nerul teacher Annie, and Salesian scholastic D'souza, to pray continually with innovative methods. Annie remarks, "it is at the 'holy hour' where the presence and healing of God is felt."

The Don Bosco Nerul 'prayer group' has prayer-requests and prayer-intercessors from Goa, Kerala and other states from across India. With the firm belief that, asking God for healing is as crucial as taking the vaccine, the 'prayer group' is yet another initiative at Don Bosco Nerul during the COVID-19 to express solidarity and concern for those in distress.