BIS #6412 Jyoti Mata Parish youth 'day of mourning' for unborn & aborted

by Father Richard Burkhao for BISMumbai

As a sign of solidarity, the youth of JyotiMata Church, animated a prayer service on 10 August 2021, to mark the completion of 50 years since the coming into effect of the ‘Medical Termination of the Pregnancy Act' in India.

The service began with a brief moment of silence and a hymn, seeking God’s mercy for the anti-life trend by the people. Some youth than read few Biblical passages which speaks of Pro-life and God’s love and care for each life. It was followed by video presentations on topics like, the meaning of Pro-life; the difference between Pro-life and Pro-choice, etc. One youth also presented the development of the Medical Termination of the Pregnancy Act in India and its consequences.

Local SYM Delegate-Father Richard Burkhao, elaborated the significance of the day, and this day of mourning for the unborn and the aborted. He made them aware of the evil caused by humans to the unborn babies whose cry is unheard. He also explained how in their own way, they can promote Pro-life in and around their society. It was followed by the intercession by everyone kneeling down and holding a lighted candle.

The feedback was positive and encouraging as one of the youth remarked, “today’s session was indeed an eye-opener and very enriching.”