BIS #6194 DRISTI's 'RAP' in aid of 'Nari' SHG in Kapadvanj

by BISMumbai Correspondent

Nari SHG of Abvel village in Kapadvanj Block of Kheda District situated 17 kilometers from the town, distributed interests in the presence of DRISTI Director Father Mayank Parmar, SHG Coordinator Mahendra Macwan and social staff-animator Minaxiben Christian after 08 years. All this while the Nari SHG had diligently and persistently followed the process of savings, credits and bank loans disbursement together with recovery of the same. A total of Rs. 66,500 interest against Rs. 72,000/- savings was distributed among 10 women. The broad smile on each of the SHG woman's faces as they received back a double of their savings after 08 years spoke volumes of the persistent determination of the women to uplift themselves.

Begun on 26 November 2012 with the help of Shilpaben Jagdishbhai Raval, who was a farmhand in Raghaji na Muvada as she observed DRISTI staff and later invited them Abvel to interact with the women of the village, especially those who were daily-wage earning farmhands. The group has made a significant impact in the village by intervening in the Gram Sabha and got the RCC road and a drinking-water pipeline. In 2019, unfortunately, one of the SHG members, Sagunaben Rameshbhai Solanki was caught under a wall collapse and died instantly leaving behind her husband and three children. The SHG came together and helped the family by writing off Rs 8060/- which was due. This gesture was well appreciated by the villagers and DRISTI team.

The Nari SHG also managed to procure bank loans twice and regularly repaid the sum borrowed. Munniben, the president of the SHG, took a loan and purchased a camel with a cart. Now she earns an average of Rs. 15,000/- per month to sustain the family. This inspired Shardaben who too purchased a camel with a cart. Leelaben purchased an autorickshaw, while Maniben purchased a buffalo which helped her to sustain her family. Besides business, the women have also availed of loans for marriage, higher education of their children and celebrated various events smoothly without financial crunch.

Father Parmar congratulated the women for sustaining their group, and having inculcated good values like compassion, trust and caring for each other, trust. Mahendra Macwan urged the women to continue the group with more enthusiasm and fervour. Minaxiben invited the women to take ownership of the group and manage the group without an animator. DRISTI's RAP [Recovery Assistance Plan] is definitely paving the way for SHG self-management with outside support, as demonstrated by the Nari SHG.