BIS #6808 Teachers’ Training at Jyoti

By Fr Richard Burkhao for BISMumbai

In order to revitalise the spirit of teaching, an intensive seminar for the teachers was organised on 5 October 2022 at Jyoti Mata Church, Jyoti, Virar.

Along with other systems, the education system was also affected badly by the COVID pandemic. The post pandemic period has been very challenging. The new approach of imparting knowledge to students has been a herculean task for teachers. As a result, the teachers are going through a number of mental issues. Keeping in mind the present scenario and in order to be effective and productive teachers in school and church this seminar was organised. The theme of the seminar was 'Made for a Mission’. This seminar was spearheaded by Fr William Falcao, the Parish Priest.

Altogether 18 teachers attended the seminar. It began with a short prayer led by Fr Richard Burkhao. Later, Fr Falcao, introduced the speakers of the day: Fr Flovi D’Souza, the Principal of Don Bosco Borivali and the head of the Province Education Commission; and Mr Errol Dawson, a past pupil of Don Bosco and a motivational speaker.

Fr D’Souza conducted two activities which highlighted two topics of Collaboration and Creative thinking respectively. He spoke of the advantages of planning, division of work and coordination. He said that, “that each one of us are born with some or the other differences. Therefore, we need to keep aside all our differences and work together to achieve our goals.” He further said that the past pattern of blackboard and chalk has very less importance in the present educational system. A teacher should possess the skills of presenting her lessons in a creative way. He emphasised the role of a teacher from the Christian perspective. He said that the teacher should be multi-tasking with the aim of imparting knowledge. To top it all, he highlighted the importance and significance of the education system of Don Bosco i.e. the Preventive system.

Mr Dawson took over the next session by introducing himself. He said since a teacher acquires the most important place in the society, he/she needs to understand the context thoroughly. He narrated a story of a sculpture. The story gave a strong message to us all that we as teachers can create great things from nothing. He said that teachers are Guru, Missionaries and need to be practical to be different day by day.

Later, Fr Falcao spoke by further stressing the significance of the preventive system of Don Bosco. He said that relationships matter a lot to achieve the objectives desired. He shared some of his significant experiences he had while being the principal and a rector. Fr Burkhao conducted the last part of the seminar i.e. organising the appointment of the office bearers of the teachers association. Mrs Judy Pereira, one of the participants, gave the vote of thanks on behalf of all.

The seminar was well-appreciated by all the participants and expressed the sincere gratitude to the fathers for their initiative and a well-planned intensive seminar. One of the participants said that, “the seminar helped me to introspect and changed my outlook and attitude by looking at my teaching, not as a profession but a vocation.”