BIS #6104 BGVK Ahmednagar Provides Alternative Livelihood Option for Reverse Migrants

by Father Nelson Mudaliar

The COVID-19 lockdown extension of almost 05 months now, has forced the return of many native villagers of Ahmednagar, who had been gainfully employed in Pune and Mumbai. Struggling at home with no source of income, and no possibility to return to their jobs in the cities, these are in severe financial crisis. Taking cognisance of the plight of these 'reverse migrants', BGVK [Bosco Gramin Vikas Kendra] Ahmednagar initiated a survey-assessment to provide alternative employment or income-earning possibilities to these villagers.

Animal Husbandry was found viable and thus, poultry-farming and goat-rearing were suggested as alternatives to tide over the crisis. A short basic training module in animal husbandry was organised, with special focus on food and shelter management. The benefits of this alternative livelihood option is already bearing fruit, with many eager 'reverse migrants', having implemented this scheme with expertise-assistance from BGVK. Regular staff visits with progress assessment has enabled the villagers to reap maximum benefit.