by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Apostolic and Aspirantate Facility at Lonavla is a place of vocational animation, mentoring, discernment, and accompaniment. Each year many young boys desirous of following Christ the Don Bosco way make an application to join and post-selection, have a lived experience in the company of the Salesians of Don Bosco. After their experience at Don Bosco Lonavla they proceed to Don Bosco Loutolim for their Pre-Novitiate. BISMumbai Interview Series with Mumbai Salesians' pre-novices continues with interview 08, featuring Piyush Ninama

Piyush, please could you share something about yourself, your family, your likes, hobbies, etc.?

I am from Jhabua District in Madhya Pradesh. My father is a teacher and my mother is a housewife. We are 03 brothers and 01 sister. I studied till Class 05 in my village school. From Class 06-10, I studied in Don Bosco Jyoti Bahavan, Jhabua. After that with guidance from the Salesian fathers and brothers, I decided to seek admission in Don Bosco Lonavla for English Academy. Here I chose to take the Science stream for 11 and12.

I like playing football, badminton, cricket, basketball, table tennis, khokho and I also like to skate. My hobbies are painting, watching movies, listening to music, playing guitar & learning new things.

Why Don Bosco Lonavla? What makes you want to go to the PNC?

I came to DBLonavla in order to discover more about myself and learn new things. I felt very good there with the fathers and brothers, and the way they took care of us. I like Don Bosco because he loved & took care of the youth around the world. I also want to do the same.

Any dreams, aspirations for the future as a Salesian?

My dream is to be with young people, and help them to grow spiritually, physically and intellectually.

Any significant moments in Don Bosco Lonavla?

My favourite moment was Ggetting Best Player Award in my college in 2019-20, in Lonavla. Interaction with all the Salesians was very good.

Could you share any of Don Bosco's sayings that motivates you?

'Run,jump, play but do not sin'.

Would you like to share a message for your friends in Lonavla?

Always think about poor people and help each other. Study hard and take part in all activities. Learn all things as much as you can from Don Bosco Lonavla and pray for Salesian vocation.