BIS #6428 Don Bosco Snehalaya starts 'Hamari Dharti Hamara Ghar'

by Father Bosco Carvalho for BISMumbai

On 01 September 2021, Don Bosco Snehalaya at Vishwamitri-Vadodara, inaugurated the month of Season of Creation with the theme 'Hamari Dharti, Hamara Ghar'.

The confreres committed themselves to a daily reading and reflecting on the various Creation Psalms or Nature Psalms during the entire month of the Season of Creation. They would do this during the morning meditation time. The confreres began with Psalm 8 which recounts the majesty and glory of God who has created such a beautiful world.

In the afternoon, the confreres, boys and the staff gathered together to solemnly inaugurate the Season of Creation. Cleric Julian Meda, pursuing his MA studies, compered the programme. The service began with a song - Hum Yahin Jiyenge. The lighting of the lamp was done to invoke God's blessings. Rector FatherGeorge Miranda; ViceRector Father Alex Fernandes; and Snehalaya staff Shelly Parmar, Kanti Chauhan, and team leaders Deep Daima, Sagar Yadav, and Bishesh Mondal, came forward to light the lamp as a symbol of God's presence.

Cleric Meda gave a brief description of the Season of Creation reminding the gathering of our need to take care and preserve our mother nature. Quoting Pope Francis, he said that "all of us need to co-operate as instruments of God for the care of creation, each according to his or her own culture, experience, involvements and talents”. He also explained the this year's theme 'Hamari Dharti, Hamara Ghar' by pointing to the tent that was placed as a backdrop to the program. The tent symbolizing creation is our home and needs to be cared for.

The gathering then raised up spontaneous prayers and intentions praying both for creation as well as for the poor who are deprived of basic resources. The entire assembly took a pledge to care for creation. They did this by turning North, South, East and West and pledging respect to the four basic elements of nature - Earth, Fire, Wind and Water.

Father George then inaugurated and released the Season of Creation Poster as well as the Calendar highlighting different activities, events and programs. In his message, he urged the boys to make Don Bosco Snehalaya a clean home and a green home. He also invited the boys to participate whole heartedly in the activities and to cultivate a love for creation.

The entire assembly gathered in and around the tent to click a group photograph. The programme ended with the boys dancing to an energetic song 'Chada' committing themselves to tell the world about the wonders of creation. Many boys expressed joy and happiness at the end of the inauguration. Sagar Yadav remarked, "together we shall make Don Bosco Snehalaya a clean and green home".