BIS #6637 Teachers’ Orientation at DBHS Matunga

By Mrs Shahnaaz Abbas for BISMumbai

The staff of Don Bosco High School, Matunga, returned to school on 10 June 2022, after a rejuvenating summer break to prepare for the forthcoming academic year. However, this time the rejoining was a bit gloomy as the staff mourned the death of the Principal, Fr Bernard Fernandes who passed away unexpectedly on 24 May 2022.

The staff participated in a memorial prayer service dedicated to Fr Fernandes. Fr Crispino D’Souza, Rector of the school, shared his thoughts and memories with Fr Fernandes right from the time of they being seminarians.The staff members also reminisced about the beautiful moments they spent with him.

After the prayer service, the English teachers participated in sessions conducted by ‘Scholastic’, a company renowned in publishing and education, while the staff in incharge of career guidance had an input session about ‘Mykensho’, a software that helps in career guidance,

Later in the afternoon, Fr Ajoy Fernandes, the Director of Prafulta, conducted a session on handling grief. This session focused on the stages of grieving, and Fr Fernandes gave the staff moments to spend in reflection.

The following day , Fr Ian Doulton and Sr Theresa Joseph had discussed topics from the book ‘Dream Yourself into Reality’ with the staff. Ms Anastasia Rose Dias, the author of the book, was present. The book is a compilation of essays to aid teenagers and young adults. Based on the topics from the book, videos prepared by Don Bosco Youth Services, Pune, were screened. Then, Ms Prajakta Albuquerque, a Tedx speaker from Pune, analysed the essays along with Fr Doulton. Later, the staff interacted with the author, Ms Dias.

In the next session, Fr Doulton and Sr Joseph presented a programme developed by Fr Chris Saldanha explaining Don Bosco's Preventive System of Education. Parts of the Preventive System's components of loving compassion, reason, and religion were well-articulated, while discipline, correction, and punishment were among the topics discussed. The presentation ended with the words of the Strenna 'Do all through love, nothing through restraint'.

The two days spent in orientation for the new academic year were indeed fruitful for all the teachers. There is a sense of optimism as a new year begins.