BIS #6235 DSBH Andheri boarders' reunion

by Haydn Dias with Cleric Nevelle Coutinho for BISMumbai

The boarders of grades 09 and 10 were invited to DSBH Andheri, to spend some time together with their parents / guardians. Rector, Father Brian Moras welcomed and interacted with each of the boarders and the parents. After a quick round of yummy snacks, a general meeting was conducted in the A/V hall. Father Moras addressed the boys and their relatives, warmly greeting them and inquiring about their well-being.

VicePrincipal, Father Ranson D'Souza then addressed the gathering, and impressed upon the boys how important it is to regularly attend the online sessions conducted by the school, and also to take their studies seriously. Haydn Dias then spoke about how dangerous video game addiction is (since many of the boys are known to be overindulgent), and even called video games the new-age drug, because of their highly addictive nature and devastating effects on life in general.

Almost immediately after the meeting concluded, the boys were sent to change into their game clothes; they had already been informed to carry their football attire.

What followed was a magical hour of football, something that was taken for granted in the past, as it used to happen every evening after tea, without fail. Although the boys had not lost much of their football skills, it was apparent that the many months of inactivity had reduced their stamina ever so slightly. The Salesians too joined in the football game with the boarders, along with Brother Bryce Fernandes who was also part of one of the teams in the game.

Once the boys had freshened up, everybody sat down at the lunch table and partook of a simple, yet delicious meal. Over lunch, the boys revealed how much they miss the boarding, and how they cannot wait to get back to their beloved St. Dominic Savio Boys’ Home. Such a beautiful morning could not be allowed to slip away without capturing a group photograph on the vast, beautiful green grounds, with the boarding building in the background.

The boys of grades 06, 07 and 08 are to visit DSBH soon, and the team at DSBH is all eager to welcomes them, in the true Salesian spirit of journeying with the young.