BIS #7203 Lonavla Aspirants - Champions of God on an Adventure of Faith

By Cl. Pranit Kokya

The aspirants at Don Bosco Lonavla were inspired to be champions of God on an adventure of faith, by Fr Joyston Machado  - Mumbai Salesians' Communications Delegate, over the weekend of 6-7 July, 2024. Fr Machado reminisced with  nostalgia of his days in Lonavla, and invited the aspirants to make adventurous memories of their stay here.  He celebrated the festive Eucharist on 06 July, commemorating Dominic Savio, a champion of God, an inspiration  for the young. 

Detailing the elements to be champions of God, Fr Machado said, "The five elements are: knowing where the hidden treasure is, being builders of a community, choosing one's companions wisely, using the magical tools of prayer, the Word of God, the Eucharist, and going on a quest." He also encouraged the aspirants to look at St Dominic Savio as a model towards holiness. The following day, Fr Machado spent interacting with the aspirants, especially the media group, and invited them to make their mark on the social media platforms. He  also animated them to make and submit short films for the upcoming DBGYFF - Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival. 

The aspirants took this opportunity to express their gratitude to Fr Machado for his inspirational stint as their prefect of studies, through dances, an address and a well-prepared farewell moment. Fr Blany Pinto, the Rector, expressed his gratitude to Fr Machado for his dedication and commitment towards his responsibilities. He assured Fr Machado that the community would pray as he takes up his new ministry.

The adventure has well and truly begun even as the aspirants dare to dream and be champions of God, in imitation of Dominic Savio.