BIS #7172 Being Passionate about Christ and Dedicated to the Young

By Br Aliester D’Souza for BISMumbai

On 22 and 23 April 2024, the second session of the INB Provincial Chapter (PC2024) held in preparation for General Chapter 29 (GC29) took a more reflective turn as the capitulars reflected on the theme of the Chapter, ‘Passionate about Jesus Christ, Dedicated to Young People’. 

The capitulars were divided into four groups during the First Session in January and were given a theme each to research and develop a document that would be discussed in the Second Session. Most groups met at least three times to ensure a thorough study of each theme. The methodology used in the process was the one implemented by GC28 which includes listening to the current situation, interpreting it in the light of the Church and Congregational documents, and choosing lines of action for the same.

Fr Clarence Martis, the secretary of the First Commission ‘Animation and Care of the True Life of Each Salesian’, presented their document which reflected on the Salesian life centred in Jesus Christ, caring for one’s vocation and in the community, and the accompaniment and formation of the Salesian. The presentation delved into the relationship with God and a healthy personality as a necessity to develop a true fraternity with our neighbour.

Fr Jacob Palaparambil, the secretary of the Second Commission, presented their document ‘Salesians, Salesian Family and Lay People Together “with” and “for” Young People’. It reflected primarily on integrating the laity in the works of the Salesian community, deeply focusing on their formation in the Salesian spirituality. It also discussed about increasing the spiritual and apostolic vitality of the province, intending to educate and evangelise the young, while seeking new expressions of the Salesian charism.

Br Aliester D’Souza, the secretary of the Third Commission ‘A Courageous Review and Re-planning of the Governance of the Congregation at all Levels’. This document would be the contribution of the PC2024 to the General Chapter. It primarily focused on restructuring of roles and responsibilities of the leadership in the congregation.

For the Fourth Commission dealing with ‘Province Matters’, the five secretaries of their sub-commissions presented their document under the leadership of Fr Isaac Arackaparambil. They dealt with matters of vocation animation, initial formation, missionary and catechetical revival, YaR ministry, and administration. 

The floor deliberated on each of the documents, sharing their insights and suggesting possible alterations. The next two days will be spent reshaping the documents and finalising the lines of action for the province.