BIS #6140 Josephites acknowledge the magical powers of Teachers

by Placida deSequeira Nazareth for BISMumbai

St. Joseph's High School Wadala-Mumbai, remembered the great academic philosopher and teacher Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan on his birth anniversary, by honouring all the teachers. The tradition of this celebration recalls the episode of his pupils persuading him to celebrate his birthday but he in turn requested his pupils that 5th September be observed as 'Teachers Day' rather than his birthday. Ever since 1962, this day is celebrated all over India, dedicated to all the "Gurus", to appreciate and acknowledge their selfless efforts and hard work in shaping lives.

The role of the teachers, today more than ever in the past, has become significant, as the interactive proximity finds itself replaced with virtual interaction. Beating all odds, the teachers have overcome all the obstacles becoming real life superheroes to their students. Rector and Manager Father James Nigrel elucidated the vocational role of teachers, as he praised them for their undying dedication and commitment in building young lives. He said, "Teachers’ Day is a special day, wherein appreciation and recognition is showered on the teachers for all that they have been to the students. It has all been the virtual way but no road has been left untraveled by the students, to express their love for their teachers"

The live streaming of the celebration took place on 05 September 2020 at 9am via Microsoft Teams. The sentiments of the students for their teachers were expressed in a variety of activities such as dance, skit, song, and speech. The calm atmosphere of prayer, a barrel of laughs stirred by the comedians, the foot tapping numbers of the dance, the breath taking song spiced with tangy Indian instrumental, culminated with the heart to heart colloquy of the head boy with the teachers. The words of the School Captain, overwhelmed with emotions, carved a niche in the hearts of the teachers as he spoke on behalf of all the students. His words can be summarized with the statement - 'Never ever give up on us, even when we do not follow your ways". The past pupils and the PTA too, expressed their gratitude to the educators, for their immense contribution in the lives of their children. The students as a token of appreciation sent a personalized gif image to all the teachers with the title, "For you are the wind beneath my wings". The cards, flowers and gestures have all been virtual but the underlying feelings they carried were all real.

Hats off to the school leaders -- Chaitanya Harikarishna, Daniel Teddy, Rahul Salunkhe, Srinivas Naorem, Siddharth Panigrahi, Suyash Jaiswar, Runal Ghatwal and Hemang Bhorade, who worked diligently under the leadership of School Captain Umang Achalia, and ViceCaptain Shaurya Shetty-- who spearheaded this project from the first week of July 2020 under the adept guidance of Head Mistress and Principal Sangita Bhattacharya. They ensured that the lockdown Teachers' Day was a memorable one. It will go down in history that no amount of obstacles can deter the students from expressing their love for their teachers.