BIS #6692 Parents’ Meet at DB Aspirantate

By Cl. Ethan Fortes for BISMumbai

On 10 July 2022, the community of Don Bosco Lonavla held their first Parent-Aspirant Meet for the Academic Year 2022-23.

A solemn Eucharist was celebrated with Fr Ranson D’Souza, the Principal of the School and College, as the main celebrant. In the homily, he spoke of forgiveness and reaching out of oneself to be merciful. Later, the parents gathered in the A.V. Hall where Fr Joyston Machado presented the views, goals and purpose of the aspirantate. He spoke of the activities to be conducted over the course of the year that would aid in the overall development of the aspirant.

After the meeting, the aspirants organized a talent show for the parents. The parents and family members present were quite taken up with the unique display of talents and skills.