BIS #6844 Extraordinary Visitation at DBPH

By Br Aliester D'Souza for BISMumbai

The community of Don Bosco Provincial House, Matunga, received with much warmth and affection the General Councillor for South Asia, Fr Biju Michael, as he arrived for the extraordinary visitation on 22 November 2022.

The community assembled for the opening conference at 3 p.m.. After a formal welcome by the Rector, Fr Vinod Mascarenhas, and a short prayer, Fr Biju Michael addressed the Salesians of the community. He focused on the aspects of consecration, community and mission reiterating their close connectedness and inseparable nature. With the Constitutions woven into his deep insights, he set the right tone for this special moment.

Fr Biju Michael spent his time for the affairs of the community and experiencing life at the Provincial House. Indeed, he made time for each and every Salesian in the community: he gave due importance to each of the sectors that are operated from there. He also went around the spaces used by the community, visiting the various sectors and lending a listening ear as he saw for himself the way the various departments functioned.

On 23 November, Fr Biju Michael met the lay collaborators and staff of the various sectors of the Provincial House. Fr Mascarenhas, in a very lucid manner, explained to all present the importance of the occasion and the person present in their midst as the extraordinary visitor. Fr Biju Michael thanked the gathering, mentioning their invaluable support in the mission of Don Bosco. He reminded them that they are family and though the Salesians come and go, they keep the continuity of the works of the mission.

On 24 November, he proceeded to Don Bosco, Lonavla, for their visitation. He continued the visitation on 27 November.

In his concluding conference, in the afternoon of 27 November, Fr Biju Michael thanked the community for the service they render in the mission of the congregation. He gave his observations and recommendations for the growth of the community. He concluded the extraordinary visitation with the Blessing of Mary Help of Christians.

Using this splendid moment as an occasion to encourage the community, Fr Biju Michael presented to them religious life based on the model of Paul and Silas: in difficult times they continued praising God, they showed their concern to all people, and their lives were a witness to the spirit of Christ.