BIS #6132 St. John Bosco Parish Savedi Online 1st Holy Communion Classes

by Brother Allan Netto for BISMumbai

The community of Don Bosco Bhavan Savedi, suggested to go online teaching Catechism for the 1st Holy Communicants of the St. John Bosco Parish every Sunday hereafter till the COVID-19 lockdown completely eases. Rector and Parish Priest Father Vishwas Pereira spoke to Catechism Coordinator and Incharge Pushpa Sagalgile and asked her to check with the Communion Teachers, Smita Salve and Susanna Tribhuvan as well as the parents of the children.

Both the teachers and the parents responded positively for the online classes to begin. The children of Classes III and IV were also happy eagerly waiting for Sunday 30 August 2020 to start with the online classes, though they had to use their parents' smartphone for accessing Whatsapp.

It was a happy day for the children, parents and teachers as they could listen to each other, see each other after a long time, ever since the lockdown started. Towards the end of the class the teachers gave them an assignment to be done at home with the help of their parents and to send it. There was a quick response, as the children finished their homework diligently and sent back the completed assignment to their teacher on WhatsAp. All are eagerly awaiting the next class to be organised coming Sunday.