by Father Sunil Pinto for BISMumbai

“The world needs many more people like you at this time, dear youngsters who will put the skill and knowledge you have acquired to the test in the real world," said Father Corlis Gonsalves-Director and Principal Bosco Boys' Home Borivali, in his address to the 2nd Batch of General Duty Assistant (GDA) Course.

Among the numerous skill based, short-term courses that are offered by this institute, the General Duty Assistant (GDA) course was introduced last year with the help of Anita Menezes, a qualified nurse, who also lends her service and expertise to the institution. Young men and women sign up for this course to procure a government certification as Duty Assistants in hospitals and provide palliative care to the sick and infirm. The institute has tied up with a few other agencies for purposes of training and certification and also oversees job openings and placements in this area.

While congratulating them on the successful completion of their course, Father Gonsalves added, “Now that you’ve procured a certificate, don’t sit at home but go out and help those in need in this pandemic while ensuring all safety measures and protection is in place.” The students would have received their certificates in the month of April, if not for the nation-wide lockdown that had been implemented earlier in view of the pandemic. The students briefly interacted with Fr. Gonsalves and Menezes, seeking their blessings, before bidding farewell.