BIS #6988 A Silent March by DB Savedi

By Fr Richard Burkhao for BISMumbai

As a sign of protest against the violence, especially against women in the state of Manipur, a silent march was organized by Don Bosco Savedi, Ahmednagar, on 27 July 2023 from Don Bosco School up to the Social Justice Bhavan, Savedi. 

The march took place on the Nagar-Manmad highway. Citizens of the area, including religious brothers, sisters, women, and young girls, participated in this silent march. The march began with participants holding banners and plaques to raise their voices in protest against the violence in Manipur. Additionally, all participants wore black masks on their faces, and women and girls protested by wearing black clothes. A petition stating the protest against the violence being unleashed against women in Manipur, creating social awareness and ensuring respect and dignity of women, was signed by the participants. 

Fr James Tuscano the Principal of Don Bosco Vidyalaya, addressed the gathering, saying: “Through this silent march we want to say that we are against the injustice and violence unleashed on the women of Manipur. Manipur still continues to burn. We want to make a strong appeal to the government to take the necessary steps to ensure peace, harmony, safety and security of women in Manipur.” Fr Richard D’ Silva, Rector of Don Bosco Savedi, and Mrs Puspa Sagalgele, spoke to the media on behalf of the participants.

For the last 85 days, the state of Manipur has been witnessing social injustice and violence against women. A video showing a sexual assault on two women who were stripped and paraded by a mob surfaced two and a half months after the event. These events have created an uproar not only in India but all over the world. Around 160 people have died and more than 50,000 people have been displaced. The houses, churches and places of worship have been burnt and reduced to rubble. 

The silent march in protest of the injustice and violence faced by women in Manipur stands as a powerful symbol of resistance against the deeply entrenched gender inequality prevailing in the region. The police and other authorities were well appreciative of the well-disciplined and peaceful silent march.