by Rasika Padalkar & Priyam Nagadiya for BISMumbai

The first common assembly of the Academic Year 2020-2021, for the students of the Don Bosco Junior College, at Borivali was held online, on 26 June 2020. The Junior College at Don Bosco, Borivali has been conducting classes online for Std. XI, for a couple of months now, through which the students have been interacting with their respective subject teachers regularly.

This Assembly was the first time that all the students and teachers assembled together, through ‘Google Meet’, along with the Rector-Father Solomon Rapol and the Principal-Father Flovi D’Souza. Almost 90% of the students were present for this unique assembly. Father Rapol, addressed the students and also prayed for their good health. Father D’Souza appreciated the students for attending the assembly in huge numbers. He also appreciated them, for attending the online lectures. He thanked and appreciated all the teachers, who have been

working very hard, to ensure that this new method of online education, functions effectively. College Coordinator-Priyam Nagadiya, asked the students to share their feedback on this new experience of online learning. Most students responded favourably and said that they were happy with the online lectures.