BIS #6888 German Delegation Visits DBITI Kurla

By Mr Amarr Prabhu for BISMumbai

On 3 February 2023, a team of 12 distinguished high profile members from the German states of Karlsruhe and Stuttgart visited Don Bosco ITI, Kurla. The purpose of the visit was to discuss the collaboration regarding the recruitment of the institution's trainees in Germany for further training, apprenticeship and employment.

The visitors were distinguished members in the fields of economics, health care, communication, education and so on, while also bureaucrats, diplomats and CEOs of various institutions in Germany.

Don Bosco ITI, Kurla, represented by Fr Anthony Pinto (Rector/Director), Mr Amarr Prabhu (Principal), and the IMC members, welcomed the guests in the traditional Indian style, and a shawl was presented. 

It was followed by a meeting in the boardroom. Fr Pinto addressed the gathering and gave a gist of the history of the institute and also about the other sections of DBCL, Kurla. Mr Prabhu then gave a presentation of the DBITI, Kurla, specifically. He also shared in the presentation the good work done by Don Bosco institutes not only in India but all over the world, and the contributions of German companies in DBITI, Kurla. The mission and vision of Don Bosco specifically carried out in the campus was also shared with the gathering. The guests were amazed with the work done by Don Bosco, Kurla, especially for the marginalized and for various communities.

This was followed by an interactive session wherein there was a discussion of the roadmap ahead so that Don Bosco ITI, Kurla, could collaborate closely with the German partners and see that their trainees get exposure to being apprentices or get an opportunity for higher technical studies and/or jobs in Germany. Technical experts from Germany could also train the institute’s teachers so that the training is more relevant to the present day as from time to time technologies keep evolving.

After the meeting, the delegation then visited the Don Bosco ITI and witnessed the various training facilities available in the laboratories, workshops, and so on. They also visited the Don Bosco Hospitality Management Services. After a fruitful interaction with the staff and a few trainees, the delegation concluded their visit.