BIS #7028 Savion Trailblazers visit Home for the Aged

By Ms Nereen D’Mello for BISMumbai

On the occasion of World Senior Citizen’s Day, 21 August 2023, a group of compassionate young students from Savion Trailblazers, an extracurricular activities club of St Dominic Savio High School, Andheri, made a visit to the Home for the Aged at Mahakali, Andheri. Accompanied by their Principal, mentor teachers, and a dedicated parent volunteer, 15 students embarked on a mission to spread joy and companionship among the elderly residents. 

The groundwork for this benevolent endeavour began a month ahead, in close collaboration with the devoted community of the Little Sisters of the Poor, who serve at the home for the aged. Recognising the residents' affinity for a little entertainment and cheer, the students planned to organise a game of Housie during their visit. They reached out to their fellow schoolmates, teachers, and parents and rallied support in the form of generous contributions, including preferred food items and household necessities. Furthermore, the students thoughtfully curated and wrapped prizes for the Housie game, adding an element of excitement and anticipation.

On the day of the visit, the young visitors were greeted with a melodious song and warm smiles from the elderly residents. These precious moments of connection began with the Savions extending their heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to mark World Senior Citizen’s Day. This was merely the prelude to the many moments thereafter, filled with shared laughter and camaraderie. The highlight of the day was the spirited Housie game, where both the residents and students wholeheartedly engaged, creating an atmosphere of sheer delight. The residents' genuine joy at the students' thoughtfulness in their planning and participation further enriched the experience.

The culmination of the visit was marked by a heartwarming expression of gratitude and a collection of captured memories. In return, the seniors offered their blessings to the youngsters through melodious songs and heartfelt words. Master Vedant Shinde, a student who participated in the event, shared, "The visit transported me back to my cherished moments with my grandparents during my childhood. It filled me with happiness, playfulness, and a sense of tranquility." Master Jayan Gaikwad fondly recalled his time with ‘Uncle Joe’, who serenaded the visitors with a welcoming song and blessings, evoking memories of his own grandfather. Undoubtedly, this visit left an indelible imprint on the students' hearts, offering them an experience to be treasured for a lifetime.