BIS #6413 Dominic Savio Wadala (E) meets Councillor for Vocation Animation

by Father Vishal Lopes for BISMumbai

On 10 August, MumbaiSalesians' Councillor for Vocation Animation - Father Blany Pinto visited St Dominic Savio Church Wadala (E). He began his visit by meeting the students studying at Don Bosco Lonavla. Four of the boys expressed their desire to join Lonavla as soon as the government allows to the school to reopen. Father Pinto then met the Parish Local Vocation Team with Rector/Parish Priest Father Allwyn Misquitta, and Local SYM Delegate - Father Vishal Lopes.

Father Pinto explained to the Vocation team the procedure of admission at Don Bosco Lonavla, and in detail the programmatic calendar of events/activities. He also answered the queries raised about the choice of a boy, family situation, financial issues, etc. At the end of the meeting, the Local Vocation Team Annual Plan including the highlights below, was drawn up:

1. By September the Vocation team will invite members from each SCC communities of the parish.

2. By September we will speak to all students studying in Std. V and above about the possibility of studying at Lonavla.

3. Those interested would be asked to visit Lonavla with their families by October.

4. Fathers preaching the Novena will meet the students after mass.

5. We will make a Whatsapp Group of boys interested in studying at Lonavla by October.

6. In December if the situation permits the students studying in Std. V and above will attend the orientation mass.