BIS #6975 Free OPD at DB Nerul

By Mr Allwyn Sequeira for BISMumbai 

Don Bosco, Nerul, witnessed an impactful free Outpatient Department (OPD) organised by the Rotary Club of Smart City Navi Mumbai in association with DY Patil Hospital and Dost Mumbai. The event, held on 15 July 2023, aimed to provide medical assistance and support to the community from all the nodes of Navi Mumbai, attracting a significant turnout of men, women, and children.

With healthcare accessibility being a pressing issue for many, this collaborative initiative proved to be a ray of hope for the local residents. The renowned DY Patil Hospital, known for its commitment to quality healthcare, joined hands with the esteemed Rotary Club to bring expert medical services closer to the community. The event was made possible through the combined efforts of the doctors in the hospital, volunteers from the Rotary Club, and the support of Don Bosco Development Services - Nerul.

Despite the initial target of 60 attendees, the event attracted a remarkable turnout, with men, women, and children eagerly availing themselves of the free medical services offered. The attendees received personalised attention from the volunteers in the oratory and caregivers in the camp. The medical staff at the event comprised skilled doctors, nurses, and support staff who worked tirelessly to ensure that each attendee received the necessary care and treatment.

The OPD catered to a wide range of medical concerns, including general health check-ups, consultations for chronic illnesses, and minor ailments. Patients were provided with accurate diagnoses, expert advice, and prescription medications free of charge. Additionally, the attendees had the opportunity to seek specialised medical guidance through referrals to relevant departments or hospitals for further treatment (if required).

Ms Assumption George, a representative from Don Bosco Development Services, expressed her satisfaction with the overwhelming response to the event. “We are delighted to have collaborated with DY Patil Hospital and the Rotary Club of Smart City to bring this much-needed medical outreach programme to the community. The Free OPD has not only provided immediate relief to those in need but has also created awareness about the importance of regular healthcare check-ups,” she stated.

The success of this free OPD at Don Bosco Nerul highlights the effectiveness of collaborative efforts among institutions and organisations in addressing community needs. By combining the expertise and resources of DY Patil Hospital, the Rotary Club of Smart City, Dost Mumbai, and the support of Don Bosco Nerul, the event has set a positive example for others to follow.

The organisers extend their gratitude to all the volunteers, medical professionals, and attendees who made the free OPD at Don Bosco, Nerul, a resounding success.