BIS #6402 Football Friendly at BBH Turf, Borivli

by Cleric Gaurav Sansare for BISMumbai

To spread the spirit of fraternity on 'Friendship Day', Bosco Boys' Home Borivli organized a 'football friendly' with the St. John Bosco Parish youth Borivli from 5:30 to 8.30 pm, on 01 August. The matches were played on the BBH Turf ground, with 04 participating teams.

Played with a spirit of friendliness, the passion and intensity of the game was intact, with visible sportsmanship. After the knock-out rounds, BBH emerged winners. Fathers Corlis Gonsalves and Glenford Lowe were the 'guests of honour'. Father Francis Fernandes and Father Glenford Lowe, coordinated the event.