BIS #6708 Nurturing the Gardener Within

By Ms Sandra Pereira for BISMumbai

On 17 July 2022, GreenLine Mumbai organised a session at the campus of Don Bosco, Matunga. The event aimed at educating people and creating awareness about nurturing plants in city conditions.

Ms Ashwini Jadhav was the resource person for the event. The main goal of this session was to promote urban gardening and create greener spaces. The session introduced people to the concept of ‘Indoor Air Quality’, and how it is important to have green spaces indoors. The group was taught the concept of phytoremediation - the process through which any plant reduces pollutants in the air, water or soil. Then the group was also taken through a step by step process of gardening.

At the end of the session the participants were given a plant to nurture. A list of indoor plants that could be kept in homes was provided.