BIS #6940 Summer Camp Concludes at DB Borivli

By Ms Anushka D'Souza for BISMumbai

In an action-packed month of adventure, friendship, and personal growth, the Summer Camp 2023 at Don Bosco, Borivli, reached its conclusion on 21 May 2023. The campers bid farewell to an unforgettable experience filled with fun activities and newfound skills. Inspired by the pedagogy of St John Bosco, the campers delved into a range of activities that not only entertained but also fostered independence, social relations, and overall personality development.

With eager anticipation, the volunteers dedicated a month to meticulously plan the summer camp. Their aim was to create an environment where campers would create lasting memories and feel empowered to actively participate.

The official launch of the camp took place on 20 April with a vibrant opening ceremony. Campers were divided into groups and given the opportunity to create team charts, slogans, and claps, fostering teamwork and camaraderie among the participants. Throughout the weeks, sports tournaments such as football, throwball, cricket, and basketball were held, with teams earning points for their victories. Volunteers dedicated their time to training and explaining the rules, ensuring fair play and a valuable learning experience for all.

Friendly competitions added an extra element of excitement to the camp. The Mismatch Competition saw each team dressed uniquely and introducing themselves with flair. The third week featured the Cosplay Competition, where campers had the chance to embody their favorite television or cartoon characters, while the juniors showcased their artistic skills in a lively face painting competition. The fourth week brought the culinary talents of the campers to the forefront with a cooking competition, while the juniors participated in a creative coloring competition.

As the summer camp entered its final week, campers prepared dances and reels for the highly anticipated closing ceremony. Campfire Night became a mesmerizing display of dances performed by each team, showcasing their unity and creative expressions. The campers also demonstrated resourcefulness by crafting newspaper advertisements and dressing up in imaginative outfits.

During the emotional closing ceremony, campers gathered one last time to express their heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated volunteers. Parents beamed with pride as their children performed the dances they had rehearsed tirelessly. Prizes, certificates, and the prestigious title of "Best Camper 2023" were awarded, acknowledging the remarkable achievements and personal growth of each individual. Tears welled up in the eyes of both campers and organizers as the summer camp bid farewell, leaving behind memories that would undoubtedly shape their future endeavors.