BIS #6956 New Beginnings at Don Bosco, Kurla

By Prof. Shameen Shaikh, Mr Earl D’Souza and Dr Mamatha D’Souza for BISMumbai

Don Bosco College, Kurla, held an orientation programme for SYBMS, SYBAF, and TYBMS students on 15 June 2023. The event, organised by the Department of Management and Finance and led by Ms Shamim Shaikh, aimed to provide crucial information and guidance to the students as they embarked on their academic journey at the college. The atmosphere was lively and engaging, thanks to the hosting skills of Mr Robin Sequiera, a TYBMS student, who kept the crowd entertained with his sense of humour and engaging presentation style.

The programme commenced with Mr Earl D'souza, an SYBAF student, leading the congregation in a short prayer, setting a positive and reflective tone for the orientation. Following this, the attendees were treated to a series of three informative speeches from esteemed guests. The Rector - Fr Anthony Pinto, the Assistant Director of DBC - Fr Brian Moras, and the Principal - Dr Parvathi Venkatesh, each delivered valuable insights and guidance to the students, inspiring them for their academic journey ahead.

The event concluded on a grateful note, with Ms Rashmi Mahajani, a TYBMS student, delivering a heartfelt vote of thanks to express appreciation to all those involved in making the orientation programme a success.

In another exciting event at Don Bosco College, Kurla, the newly furnished and redecorated activity room was inaugurated on 17 June. This project was initiated by Fr McEnroe Lopes, who also designed the room, and aimed to enhance the space for student activities. During the ceremony, the workers who contributed to the project were recognised and presented with tokens of appreciation for their hard work. In addition, several students from the college were honoured by Fr Pinto for their innovative ideas and were presented with flowers and gifts as a gesture of recognition.

The activity room was named the 'Margarita Youth Spot,' a name inspired by Don Bosco's mother, symbolising a meaningful connection. Before entering the room, Fr Pinto led a brief prayer and officially inaugurated the space by cutting the ribbon, accompanied by a hymn ‘Showers of Blessing’. The attendees witnessed a symbolic gesture of blessing as holy water was sprinkled in all the classrooms and activity rooms. The enthusiasm of the students was palpable as they eagerly explored the newly furnished activity room. Their joy and appreciation for the meticulous work that had been accomplished were heartwarming to witness.

The 'Margarita Youth Spot' is a beautiful and much-needed facility that will serve the students of Don Bosco College, Kurla, providing them with an enriched environment for various activities and fostering their overall development.

Overall, these events at Don Bosco College, Kurla, exemplify the institution's commitment to providing a supportive and engaging educational experience for its students, both academically and through the provision of modern and well-designed facilities.