BIS #6188 Don Bosco Lonavla celebrates its 'guardian angels'

by Father Blany Pinto for BISMumbai

Brother-assistants [young Salesians in practical training], are an integral part of the Salesian community. Their work is perennial and laborious, deserving effusive gratitude, since it is through their hard work and sacrifice that things move smoothly in the communities. The aspirants and apostolic boys of Don Bosco Lonavla, celebrated their assistants with an online programme on 10 October. Due to the inavailability of the community on the actual feast day, the programme had to be postponed. However on 02 October, the feast of the Guardian Angels', the community joined in prayer for the brother assistants at the Eucharist, as is the traditional Salesian practice.

The boys had been preparing for this occasion for a month and a half under the able guidance of Brother Aliester D’souza. They, as always, gave their best with the given restrictions and managed to compile a lively programme for their brothers. Even though they have not met them in person, they were generous in their appreciation and gratitude to their guardian angels - their brother assistants. Once the video clips were prepared and sent, it was an herculean task to edit these, which Brother D’souza, did joyfully.

The programme was a test of their creativity as much as it was a display of their love. Mark Fernandes of class XII says, "It was a beautiful programme. I took part in the skit. I liked it very much. It took quite some time to make the videos but it was fun. I feel very happy that I took part in it. I am sure the brothers were very happy." Cleon Fernandes of class IX remarks,"It was fun acting and even more fun watching how brother put the skit together. Watching the family circle on YouTube was as much fun as the ones at Lonavla. Everyone really put in a lot of effort."

As it continues to remain unsafe to begin with boarding life, the boys are going the extra mile their best to celebrate the ones who nurture them into becoming good Christians and honest citizens.