BIS #6290 Bacterial Culture Bank by Don Bosco Waluj-Aurangabad

by Father Richard Burkhao for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Waluj Aurangabad set up a Bacterial Culture Bank for the farmers at Boyegaon and Puri villages in Gangapur Taluka of Aurangabad District, on 20 February 2021. Sagar Alhat from BGVK Kedgaon Ahmednagar was the resource animator and explained in detail the importance and usage of each bacterial culture for crops.

Bacterial culture such as Trivodarma, Azotobacter, KSB (Phosphate), PAB (Potash), etc. are used as organic fertilizers, while Metarhizium, Boveriya, Verticillium, etc. are used as organic pesticides. Farmers will be able to use this bacterial culture free of cost and in turn gradually multiply it and set it in their respective farms. The prime focus of this bacterial culture is to slowly wean the farmers away from expensive chemical fertilizers and pesticides that are harmful, and to adopt 100 % organic inexpensive and beneficial organic methods.

Dnyaneshwar Dande from Boyegaon village, exclaimed "Along with me, all other farmers are very happy with the bacterial culture bank because now we don't have to travel anywhere far to get these, as these are made available to us right in our village itself. I am very grateful to Don Bosco for such a wonderful initiative."

The initiative is financially supported by Don Bosco Mondo Germany.