BIS #6674 Annual Recollection at DB Borivli

By Mrs Neelam Rodrigues for BISMumbai

On 1 July 2022, Don Bosco High School, Borivli, organised their annual recollection for the students of Class 10. The aim of the recollection was to provide the students a moment of prayer, reflection and sharing to have a deeper understanding of who they are and find God’s presence in their experiences.

Fr Velasli Bandya, the Vocation Promoter of the Province of Bombay, along with Fr Joyston Machado, a newly ordained priest, conducted this session for the students of the school. Fr Bandya in his interaction with the non-catholic students, beautifully emphasised the importance of God in one’s daily living. He made them aware of their preoccupation with the material world, and how vices lead them away from the goodness of life.

Fr Machado, in his session with the catholic students, led them through a phase of introspection bringing about an awareness of their strong and weak emotions, and how to use these strengths for the greater glory of God.

The session for the catholic boys ended with the celebration of the Holy Mass being celebrated by the two animators.