BIS #6948 Orientation Programme for Occupational Therapy at DB Nerul

By Ms Namrata Arya for BISMumbai 

On 14 June 2023, a highly informative and engaging workshop on Occupational Therapy (OT) was conducted for the teachers of Dominic Savio Kindergarten, Nerul, and the counsellors of Don Bosco Prafulta, Nerul. The seminar aimed at educating the participants about the significance of occupational therapy in the present scenario, emphasising early detection and intervention for children facing developmental challenges. The workshop was led by Dr Kavitha Mahamankar, a renowned spokesperson in the field of Occupational Therapy.

Dr Mahamankar commenced the seminar by providing a comprehensive overview of occupational therapy, elucidating its structure and relevance in the contemporary world. She emphasised the role of assessment and intervention in helping individuals develop, recover, or maintain meaningful activities or occupations. With a special focus on children with special needs, she expertly explained the signs and symptoms commonly displayed by such children. Moreover, she demonstrated deep empathy by briefly describing their struggles, emotions, and specific needs.

Following the enlightening discussion, all the attendees had the opportunity to visit the occupational therapy room at the Prafulta Centre. Dr Mahamankar conducted a practical demonstration to showcase the proper utilisation of various equipment and resources for the maximum benefit of young minds. The participants witnessed firsthand how occupational therapy interventions could enhance the overall well-being and development of children with special needs.

The seminar concluded with a vote of thanks delivered by Ms Grishma Joseph on behalf of the participants. She expressed gratitude to Dr Mahamankar for sharing her expertise and enlightening the audience about occupational therapy. The workshop was highly appreciated by all present, who acknowledged the valuable insights gained throughout the session.

Ms Blossom Varala, a teacher from Dominic Savio Kindergarten, noted: “The Occupational Therapy Seminar provided an invaluable platform for teachers and counsellors to enhance our understanding of the field and its practical applications. Dr Mahamankar’s guidance and expertise were instrumental in enlightening the participants about occupational therapy, its significance, and the importance of early detection and intervention for children with special needs.” 

All the participants felt that the practical demonstration in the occupational therapy room solidified the concepts discussed, leaving them with a deeper understanding of how occupational therapy interventions can positively impact the lives of young individuals facing challenges.

Don Bosco Prafulta at Nerul, under the esteemed guidance of Fr Adolph Furtado, stands as an invaluable extension of Don Bosco Prafulta, located in Andheri. Dedicated to providing comprehensive services, including counselling, therapies, testing, workshops, and addressing the Special Education Needs (SEN) of individuals across various age groups, it serves as a significant asset to the Don Bosco Seawoods Campus. It has proven to be a valuable addition to the educational landscape in Navi Mumbai, upholding the Don Bosco legacy of empowering individuals and fostering their overall well-being.