BIS #7041 An Event of ‘Togetherness’ at Resurrection Parish Virar

By Mr Jude Pinto for BISMumbai

On 27 August 2023, the Resurrection Youth Movement (RYM) - the youth group of Resurrection Church, Virar, accompanied by the Salesians, and the animators, organised the Monsoon Madness’ for the entire parish. The theme for the event was ‘Togetherness’, and around 400 parishioners actively participated in this fun-filled event.

The idea, planning, and preparation were headed by Ms Angela Fernandes, vice president of RYM, with Fr Francis Fernandes, who assigned each of the core members of the youth group their task, and every youngster worked on their task in perfect coordination and togetherness, thus making the theme of the event a reality.

The event started off at 9.30 in the morning with the Rector, Fr Thomas D’Costa, addressing the gathering, inviting all to enjoy to the fullest in the spirit of togetherness as one family, and thanking all for the overwhelming response.  

The youngsters of the RYM surprised everyone by showcasing their flashmob dances that took the excitement to the next level, and with the rain pouring down at the very right moment, the excitement doubled. 

The group mascot parade themed on Bollywood characters set the stage for the fun and frolic that was to unfold. It was great amusement to watch the groups parade their mascot, dressed in characters from Bollywood movies of their choice, young and old, showcasing their group acts, enjoying and entertaining all throughout the acts. 

With the competitive spirit high and teams all now geared up for the day, everyone took turns participating in the outdoor water group games, leaving no one aside and all drenched, even when the sun decided to have a peep. The youth did not miss their opportunity to splash water on everyone every now and then, adding to the fun and laughter. 

The event was brought to a close at 1:00 p.m. with the prize distribution. For the parishioners, it was a fun-filled day close to home but far from the regular humdrums and worries of life. An opportunity that sprouted new acquaintances, new friends, and also the new members feeling the oneness that was poured out immediately after the event by so many in the various media forms.   

For the core team of the youngsters of the Resurrection Youth Movement, the goal of driving in the message of togetherness as one Body of Christ was accomplished and felt, and the joy of it was overflowing from each one of them.