BIS #6364 International Yoga Day at Don Bosco Dakor

by Father Ajay Shelke for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Dakor - English and Gujarati Medium Schools - celebrated International Yoga Day, on 21 June, with the theme: 'Celebrating the Journey of the Self, to the Self and Through the Self'. As the world continues to reel under the COVID-19 turmoil, Don Bosco Dakor realising the imperative of mental and physical health, organised the 'Yoga Day' despite the absence of its students, with the participation of the management and staff.

The celebrations began at 10 am, with Principal-Father Ajay Shelke starting the proceedings with the teaching and non-teaching staff of the English Medium. Don Bosco Dakor Administrator-Brother Royston Colaco in his talk said, “Yoga aims to create union between body, mind and soul; also between individual self and universal consciousness.” Arpita Macwana and Saloni Parmar, guided the 'yoga session' with performance of various asanas.

Rector-Principal Father Pravin Makwana commenced the celebration at 11am for the staff of the Gujarati Medium. The enegy, excitement and exuberance of the management and staff was a visual delight. The various asanas and yogic postures enabled the staff to bond together and experience boundless peace.