BIS #6933 DB Matunga Oratory Visits Nehru Planetarium

By Cl. Melton Suares for BISMumbai

An educational tour to the Nehru Planetarium at Worli was organised by the oratory of the communities of Don Bosco Matunga Campus on 3 May 2023. It was a half-a-day tour arranged for the children frequenting the Summer Club. The tour was focused on enhancing the student's knowledge and interest in science, history, and astronomy. Around 80 children were present for this tour.

The afternoon began with the gathering of the children at the DBPH, where they were divided into teams and given instructions for the day's activities. Two buses were arranged to take the children to and from the Planetarium. The teachers organised an engaging game of Antakshari to keep the children entertained during the journey.

Upon arrival at the Nehru Planetarium, the children were led to the ‘Discovery of India’ exhibit, which showcased the evolution of human civilization, different architectural styles, the development of religions, and the history of India. Following this, the students were then directed to the Planetarium, where they were given a fascinating presentation on the Solar system and other interesting things about space. The display of several surfaces of the planets like the Moon and Mars, along with the miniature models of satellites and rockets, kindled the children's curiosity.

The highlight of the tour was the Sky Theatre, where the children were treated to a stunning visual presentation called ‘A Biography of the Universe’ in a Dome theatre. The presentation helped the children understand the universe and the new technologies that are being developed to understand it better. The attendant also informed the children about which planets would be visible on that day and at what timings.

After the tour, the children were provided with refreshments, and they left the Nehru Planetarium with fond and happy memories. The educational tour was a perfect blend of fun and learning, and it certainly left a lasting impact on the young minds of the Summer Club children.

The Don Bosco Matunga Campus began evening study classes for the underprivileged children of the neighbourhood in November 2022. After their final exams in April, the Salesians decided to continue keeping up the rapport with the children by involving them in summer activities.