BIS #6147 Lonavla Don Bosco English Academy honours Teachers

by Cleric Jansen Vaz for BISMumbai

After a long break from COVID-19, Don Bosco Lonavla has started its Aspirantate by opening the English Academy. Currently there are two candidates, Joyson Chinchak from Uttan and Raju More from Madhya Pradesh.

Brother Aliester D’souza drew up a teaching plan whereby the staff members were each assigned various tasks to teach English to these two boys. The 02 students who barely knew English are now able to converse a little in English. Unita Doulton focusses on comprehension-skills, while Father Jeffery Fernandes enhances their vocabulary. Brother D’souza teaches grammar; Cleric Vaz is the spoken English and diction coach, with Cleric Bless Rumao polishes their writing skills. The boys are enthusiastic and the English classes are underway extremely well. Furthermore Chinchak and More are also learning the keyboard and guitar in the post-lunch hobby time.

On Monday 07 September both the English academy celebrated teacher’s day with “The influence of a good teacher can never be erased." Brother D’souza welcomed and thanked all the teachers for their effort and time invested. Joyson Chinchak then delivered a well-written speech in English. Afterward, both Chinchak and More performed an English song.

Raju More says, “I am happy to be in this aspirantate. I like the prayer moments when we all come together and pray”. Joyson Chinchak also shares,“ I like the place, the time-table and the family spirit among the staff members”. Teacher Unita Doulton remarks, “I am happy because this is a special year where all the Salesians of the house are able to interact and take class for the English Academy students."

Rector Father Blany Pinto proposed the 'vote of thanks' thanking the teachers for their dedication, commitment and effort. He also applauded the 02 students for expressing their gratitude through the short programme.