BIS #6259 DBYC Pune oratory celebrates the Indian Republic

by Cleric Joyston Machado for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Youth Centre 'oratory' comprising 60 boys from the nearby Gadge Maharaj Basti, celebrated Republic Day, with a short programme in the morning of 26 January 2021. The chief guest was DBYC Rector, Father Ivan deSouza.

The boys were welcomed and arranged in formation, with requisite social distancing norms. Replica flags in hand, the boys sang a beautiful patriotic song. A boy from class VII rendered a speech in Hindi on the theme of freedom and India, basing himself on the Indian Constitution and the need to abide with it in our present context.

The scholastics at DBYC performed two band pieces – Vande Mataram and Ma Tujhe Salaam. One of the senior boys, Saif Sheikh, said, “Now that the schools and colleges are closed, we are so happy that we got a chance to celebrate Republic Day with the brothers.”

A short and sweet programme which not only gathered people but also helped bonding and a sense of belonging, with respect for the Indian Constitution and the country.