by Father James Nigrel for BISMumbai

Whenever a new Priest arrives in a Parish (which is true for most parishes), quite a few parishioners like to go meet him, greet him, have a little chat, and make him feel welcome. This year, due to the lockdown, with everyone locked indoors, that wasn't possible.

Macklin Lacerda, a parishioner of Our Lady of Dolours, Wadala West, Mumbai had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know the new priests over the last couple of weeks. But that's because he had been coming to church, to help record and relay our weekend masses during this lockdown period. And when he saw the new priests — Fathers James Nigrel, William Falcao and Lawrence D'Souza, along with Father Charlin Chandran, who has been here for a year now, practically making up an almost entirely new team — with virtually no parishioner in sight, he wondered if something could be done about it. Could there be a way for all our parishioners of Our Lady of Dolours, Wadala West to still break the ice and get to know our new priests, despite the current challenges? Well, here's what he came up with Meet Your New Parish Team ~ Lockdown Style


A 30-minute video that features insightful, warm, funny interviews and conversation with all the four priests, providing a glimpse into their lives, their thoughts and their work. And on Father's Day, it was released. Prior to the recording, the team was present in the Green Room with their recording equipment. After rigorous hard work and seeing that everything was attended to its perfection, the Priests were given a set of questions to be reflected upon. At the very outset, the Priests were warmly instructed about the entire process of recording. There was no fear of making mistakes. Every Priest responded to all the questions asked and shared to their heart's content. It was indeed Father’s Day at Our Lady of Dolours!

After viewing the video, Salesian Father Vinod Mascarenhas said, "I just watched the premiere of ’Meet Your New Parish Team ~ Lockdown Style’. Great and fun-tastic job with a brilliant idea and initiative. My kudos and wishes to the whole team! An excellently done and edited 30-minute video with a lovely mixture of fun and seriousness. It had several aspects; for me, the most important aspect was the human one!" FMA nun Kalyani Francis commented, "Great work! Very professionally, thoughtfully and brilliantly done. God bless every initiative of yours. Thanks! Welcome, dear Fathers." Parishioner Goretti Fonseca said,"A great and innovative idea to afford us a chance to get to know our dear Parish Team. Welcome dear Fathers.