by Hubert Lyngdoh for BISMumbai

The Annual Symposium organised by the 1st Year students of the Masters in Philosophy (MPh) of Divyadaan on "Philosophizing Science” was held on 18 January 2020, with the staff and students in attendance.

The Moderator, Sebastin, welcomed everyone with an introductory note on the theme and few instructions with regard to the procedures of the symposium. The symposium consisted of three talks: (i) Social Necessity and Insufficiency of Science (ii) Artificial Intelligence: Prospects and Perils (iii) Science in Hinduism: Facts, Myths and Politics.

Gerard Maria spoke of the necessity of Science in social life and how it is yet insufficient. The second talk on Artificial Intelligence was delivered by Elias Reddy who dwelt on the impact of technology on human beings. The final talk on Science in Hinduism was by Probin who focused on Science in India as affected by the interference of religion.

Each presentation lasted for 07 minutes, providing time for clarifications and doubts, with questions emerging from the audience, after which a floor discussion ensued. Most if the questions were related to the presentation on Artificial Intelligence.

The Symposium ended by affirming that Religion, Philosophy and Science are indispensable to our personal lives and common living, and it is very important that they are well integrated to promote genuine and harmonious living.