BIS #6258 MumbaiSalesians' 'Don Bosco Suraksha' aids migrants populace

By BISMumbai Correspondent

The MumbaiSalesians' Don Bosco Suraksha Migrant Services launched on 03 December 2020 on the occasion of the province community day, works in 06 cities of western India. Suraksha services are currently aiding migrant survey-documentation, in order to facilitate ease of access for migrant peoples in Nashik, Vadodara, Ahmednagar, Pune, Navi Mumbai, and Mumbai. This initial 01-month activity is made available in the 1st monthly newsletter [PDF attached].

As per the SPCSA Salesian Provincial Council of South Asia] resolution to focus on Migrants’ Ministry as a key priority for Salesian South Asia over the next 06 years, a national co-coordinating team under the Don Bosco YaR [Youth-at-Risk] forum was mandated to set the work in motion.

Responding to this mandate-resolution, the MumbaiSalesians constituted a 'migrants desk' with its nodal hub based in Mumbai, coordinating the engagement with all the Don Bosco institutions in Maharashtra, Gujarat, Rajasthan and MadhyaPradesh, to animate and provide every possible assistance in this regard. The MumbaiSalesians' team comprises of Fathers Ajoy Fernandes, Barnabe D’Souza, George D’Abreo, George Miranda, Richard D’Silva, Rolvin D’Mello, Roshan Gonsalves and Mr. Anthony Mascarenhas.

The plight of the migrant people, painfully experienced especially in urban areas, during the novel corona virus pandemic, brought to the fore the complications of migration and reverse migration. Languishing without any gainful employment, and compelled to return to the cities, risking life and health is a haunting reality. Don Bosco Suraksha is to provide means and redress this sad plight.

DBS Newsletter - Jan 2021.pdf