BIS #7201 A Journey into the Art and Culture of Paris

Ms Sydelle Mascarenhas

From 2nd to 12th May 2024, students of Standards 8, 9, and 10 from Don Bosco High School (DBHS), Matunga, embarked on an enriching Art and Culture Exchange Programme in Paris, France, organized by Don Bosco International Media Academy (DBIMA). This educational initiative aimed to deepen students' understanding of French art, culture, and filmmaking while exploring iconic landmarks and fostering international camaraderie.

Students visited many historical and architectural heritages like the Louvre Museum, Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe among others. This helped them understand the various architectural styles of the different eras and how every detail speaks of beauty and grandeur. The visit to the iconic places around Paris also enlightened the students into the rich history and culture of Europe in particular the French Revolution.

The filmmaking workshops provided practical insights into the art of cinema. Students had the opportunity to learn from industry professionals and watch films created by DBIMA students, enhancing their understanding of filmmaking techniques and storytelling.

The program provided a comprehensive immersion into French culture, art, history, and culinary delights, leaving students with a profound appreciation for Paris and its contributions to the world of arts and cinema.

Many of the students were very appreciative of the collaborative programme organized by DBHS Matunga and DBIMA Paris. Mst Rudra Shetye exclaimed saying that the educational journey left a lasting impact on him. He said that the trip helped him broaden his cultural horizons and also created memories that he would cherish for years to come. Mst Keegan Peres mentioned that the Art and Culture Exchange Programme was an eye-opening venture that he treasures. He appreciated the organizers for the meticulous planning and execution of the whole exposure visit. At the culmination of the Paris visit, he said he felt motivated to share his insights and experiences to help others gain a better perspective into the French culture.

The Art and Culture Exchange Programme in Paris was a resounding success, offering students from Don Bosco High School, Matunga, a unique opportunity to expand their cultural horizons and deepen their appreciation of French art, history, and cuisine. The programme's success was attributed to the dedicated efforts of DBHS Matunga and DBIMA Paris teams, whose commitment ensured a comfortable, enriching, and memorable experience for all participants.