BIS #7109 DBYC Oratory Boys Organise Football Tournament

By Cl. Jittin Mathew for BISMumbai

The Don Bosco Youth Centre (DBYC), Pune, hosted a football tournament on 17 and 18 November 2023. This tournament brought together youth from the Pune region and not only showcased the talents of the young football enthusiasts but also highlighted the exceptional organisational skills of the Don Bosco Oratory boys. 

The tournament featured two age categories, catering to 15 teams in the Junior Category on the first day and 25 teams in the Senior Category on the second day. The Juniors engaged in a league-based system, while the Seniors battled it out in a knockout format.

The tournament witnessed enthusiastic participation across all categories, with teams vying for victory. The atmosphere was electric, filled with cheers, encouragement, and the unmistakable spirit of sportsmanship that Don Bosco institutions are known for.

In the Under-11 age group, Mighty Storms FC emerged victorious, displaying raw talent and determination. Go Pro FC claimed the title in the Under-13 category, while V United FC secured the Under-15 championship. The Under-17 age group saw Moh M FC emerge as the triumphant team. These victories not only celebrated the prowess of the young athletes but also symbolised the spirit of unity and teamwork.

Mr Santosh Radhod, one of the chief organisers, expressed his heartfelt gratitude to the Salesians for their unwavering support and guidance. He emphasised, "Without the support of the Fathers and Brothers, we could not have done it. All credit goes to them for their constant support and guidance. We have learned from them to serve others and empower each other to become good human beings."

Mr Shisu Kumar, a participant in the tournament, shared his excitement, saying, "It was amazing to see such a massive-scale tournament organised by the boys. Hats off to them for their well-planned organisation! Thank you, Don Bosco, for this opportunity. We enjoyed playing in the tournament and hope to come again soon."

The Don Bosco Youth Centre Football Tournament was a success, a testament to the dedication and passion of the Oratory boys and the supportive atmosphere cultivated by the Salesians. The tournament left a lasting impression on participants and spectators alike, marking it as a memorable chapter in the annals of sports at the DBYC, Pune.