BIS #6151 Sacred Heart Parish Yerwada says 'All Hail to Mary'

by Nancy Dias with Father Evangelo D'Souza for BISMumbai

Sacred Heart Parish celebrated the Novena in honour of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary from 30 August to 07 September. The Feast Day Mass was held on 08 September 2020 at 7 pm. The novena began with the inauguration on 29 August,2020. Former MumbaiSalesians' Provincial Father Michael Fernandes hoisted the Flag of Our Lady and the words, Ave Maria were loudly proclaimed. The parishioners participated in the online live-streamed Holy Eucharist. The themes chosen for the Novena - Mary most humble, Mary most patient, Mary most obedient, Mary most faithful, Mary most pure, Mary most sorrowful, Mother of hope, Mother of mercy, Solace of migrants - helped all to contemplate the many virtues of Mother Mary.

The preachers shared inspiring insights from the life of Mother Mary. A simple ‘yes’ from Mother Mary made it possible for God to fulfill His salvation plan. It was not easy to respond with a ‘yes’ to the Angel’s invitation: yet she responded with courage, despite knowing nothing of the fate that awaited her. The theme for the last 03 days focused on the new invocations added to the Litany by Pope Francis - Mother of mercy, Mother of hope and Solace of migrants. Each day of the Novena began with the Rosary, followed by the Holy Eucharist in English and Marathi.

The Feast Day Eucharist was celebrated by Father Pravin Pawar. In his reflection Fr Pawar focused on the role of Mother Mary in the Church. The parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish, Yerwada are ever grateful to the parish priest, Father Michael Bansode and the parish team for helping them to come closer to the Blessed Mother of God. Special thanks to the melodious choirs, cameraman George Pereira, and the ‘Strikers’ for decorating the Church and the statue of Mother Mary daily.