by Cleric Gaurav Sansare for BISMumbai

On 13 July 2020, the community of Divyadaan inaugurated a brand-new initiative of the Media Club for the Academic year 2020-21, in the presence of the staff and students.

Father Leon Rodrigues, Media club in-charge, encouraged the members of the Media Club to come up with creative ideas through which we can enter the world of social media and be among the young. This will help to inculcate values in the virtual world.

Paying heed to this clarion call, the Media Club came up with a novel concept called ‘Spirituality in Daily Life’ - videos about drawing up lessons from things and instances from everyday living. Rector, Father Banzelao Teixeira, released the 1st video of the series 'Spirituality in Daily Life’. He encouraged all the members of the community to come up with such new, creative ideas and to be a part of this digital playground to educate and accompany the young of today.