BIS #6924 Prafulta Awards Fourteen Diploma Candidates

By Ms Shalu Mehrotra for BISMumbai

Don Bosco Prafulta - Centre for Psychological Wellness held a diploma award ceremony on 15 April 2023, to honor the successful candidates of ‘The Don Bosco Advanced Diploma in Counselling & Community Outreach.’ The event was graced by the presence of Fr Savio Silveira, the Provincial of the Province of Bombay.

During his speech, Fr Silveira emphasized the scarcity of happiness in today's world, despite the abundance of resources and easy communication. He stressed the importance of having contributors to society who can enhance happiness. He praised the counselors who are graduating from the programme, saying that they would be contributors to society's happiness.

The participants of the course expressed their deep gratitude for the learnings they had received. They reported feeling more confident in their practice as counselors and therapists. They also shared that their personal growth through the self-work they had done during the course was incredibly enriching.

The course participants had also worked with underprivileged sections of society in villages and ‘bastis’ to enhance mental health, which they found to be a special and challenging experience. The event was attended by family members and friends of the 14 successful candidates, as well as the faculty involved in the course.

Fr Godfrey D’Sa, Director of Prafulta, and Ms Shalu Mehrotra, Coordinator of the course, expressed their satisfaction with the course's success over the last 15 years. Over 280 counsellors have been trained in this time, and they are now providing their services in India and overseas, in schools, colleges, clinics, and through private practice. They also noted that the course participants become part of the Prafulta family and contribute whenever their help is needed in events or workshops.

The success of ‘The Don Bosco Advanced Diploma in Counselling & Community Outreach’ is a testament to the commitment of Prafulta to enhancing mental and emotional wellbeing in society. The dedication of the participants to making a positive impact on society is inspiring, and their success is a cause for celebration.